Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Proud to be a VEGAN !

I am a proud to be a vegan because I am happy that I don't consume animal products and animal derived products and because of this I am reducing my carbon footprint . I eat healthy food made from soya instead of milk and thus helping myself remain healthy and fit. Being an Indian vegetarian , it was easy for me to adopt veganism unlike other individuals whose main part of meal includes meat. I know people who want to become vegan,  fear that they would have to give up their desires for good food. But mark me , I can assure you all can have good food and also a healthy meal simultaneously.

Being a vegan hasn't limited my food options, I have started to experiment and few of them turned out success. In this blog of mine I would give the various "tried and tested" recipes and also few tips to save money and lead a simple and healthy living.

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