Thursday, 6 November 2008

Fantastic Facts

I often read foodie magazines and health magazines. I also pick up free food magazines from superstores . And reading through several facts, I realized that it is very important to check what we are eating and how much calories we are consuming . Nonetheless I also started exercising to keep my self fit and burn those extra calories . I would like to share those fitness facts. (courtesy Tesco Healthy Living Club , Winter 2008)

1. Nutritional Information
85% of us want the nutritional content of foods in restaurants and cafes to be shown. For now you can find it on websites of the main chains.

2. To be more bendy
As temperature drop down in winter many of us start to stiffen up. But eating Mediterranean style diet can help us to stay supple. Cutting back on fatty mat, dairy, butter and pastry and switching to olive oil , rapeseed oil, spreads , nuts, avocado and 5 portions of colourful fruit and veg a day, helps.

3. Chewing helps
Take smaller bites and chew your food 20 - 30 times to allow time for the body's fullness signals to work. You could eat 70 fewer calories and feel more satisfied after a meal.

4. Pots of Health
More potted plants you can see from your desk, the fewer sick days you are likely to to take. Plants improve air quality , so stock up at work or at home.

5. Drive away back pain
Slouching in the car is the key cause of back pain. So check that your seat and steering wheel are set correctly for you, adjust your rear driving mirror to encourage you to sit up properly and if necessary, use a rolled up towel to support your back.

6. Fast Thinking makes you happy
People taking part in a timed brainstorm or reading text scrolling at twice the normal speed felt happier. For an instant feel good boost , set a time limit for reading the paper or doing sudoku and crossword puzzles.

7. Fresh breath
Chew a mint leaf, drink mint tea, or use a minty breath freshener. It also helps to chew mint sugar- free gum containing xylitol - a natural sweet plant substance that protects against tooth decay. To prevent bad breath in the first place, rinse with water after meals to wash out stray bits of food. Or floss and brush with toothpaste containing soda bicarbonate.

8. Nice style , but do they fit?
Don't forget the comfort factor next time you're buying glasses. They might look good, but if they dig in around your ears or rub against your cheeks, they'll cause discomfort, from headaches to sore skin.

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