Friday, 21 November 2008

An escape to London!!

This was the most awaited trip. I had been planning for this and packing a month before (though a four days trip). This was the second time I was visiting Lovely London. I happily alighted london station ,with my husband, feeling blithe and delighted without realising that the weather would be unbearable. Walking through the streets , all the 4 days made our sight seeing more difficult. The strong breeze and the chill weather and to add that , our legs ache ..... it was a terrific combination to put us off . Nonetheless we still managed to see several tourist spots , favourite one being Madame Tussauds. I was in complete awe to see the wax dolls which were so real , I embraced Bradd Pitt and Salman Khan and stood beside Jim Carrey ( my favourite comedy actor). Another day we visited St Paul's cathedral , there were stairs leading to upper floor (whispering gallery it is called) , we started to climb these but half way through I was totally exhausted , every 5 mins I would stop to gather some breathe and energy , finally I made it to the top (second floor also ) and when we climbed down to the ground floor , we realised that we had  finished 257 steps one way. National History Museum and Science Museum were also great. I was surprised to see how clean, neat and organised these Museums were. 

When it came to suffice our hunger, there were loads of vegan places to eat. There were many Thai / Chinese restaurants which made only vegan food, it was surprising to see how they substituted all the meat dishes with versatile tofu. We also found vegan burgers , falafels and caribbean food. The best thing about London was its a " heaven for vegan foodies" . We had a whole list of all vegan restaurants but unfortunately could not try all of them. 

After a tiring four days , we headed back to our nest and felt " Nothing as good and comfortable as our home". No sooner, had we rested our heads on the pillow, we were fast asleep. 

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